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In this era of Internet Banking and E-commerce you truly need a platform that will guarantee optimal security of your hard earned money without stress. In this post we will discuss key points about Wisely by ADP including Wisely App (myWisely), Wisely Cards and more. We will also look at how to activate Wisely cards using

What Is Wisely by ADP

Wisely by ADP is an internet banking platform that gives you a new way to get pay and other resources of income. In Addition to helping customers manage better their money, it enables them have effective control over their money.

Furthermore, it offers solutions to many payment needs of users. Wisely helps employers create a single interface that allows them manage all their off-cycle pay needs. This helps employers pay their employees in the manner they (employees) want.

More so, you just need either the debit card or instant check option to authorize checks. And also transfer funds instantly to registered debit cards. It enables you view account balances thus, giving you full control over the process.

Wisely provides many services including Wisely Card that has been quite effective. Activate Card is trending as users look for information on activating the credit card.

Wisely By ADP Products.

Below are products of Wisely by ADP

Wisely Pay (Activate via

It is a reloadable account  that allows employees choose to select a paycard program provided by their employers.

You activate the card via

Wisely Direct (Activate via

Comparatively, for Workers who wants to select a reloadable card program that gives them fast and easy way to get their pay and other income, they can opt for the Wisely Direct.

In like manner, you can activate the card via


Wisely has an App, to help users manage, spend or save their money efficiently at ease. myWisely. It is designed for bothe Wisely Pay and Wisely Direct cardholders. myWisely offers a bank-like features and financial tools.

How To Activate Wisely Card Via

We have compiled detailed steps on how to activate your Wisely card.

However, to go on with the card activation, you have to have your ADP card handy. This is because most information you will be required to supply are on it.

To Activate;
  • Visit
  • Carefully enter your Wisely by ADP or Aline card information as required.

Note: Your card number is the 16-digit pin number on the front of your card.

  • Enter your card expiration date.
  • Enter your CVV number. It is a 3-digit code located right of the signature.
  • Click the continue button.

Once you conclude the activation, you will have access to setup your card for direct deposit funding from your employer.

Features of the Wisely Card Activated via

Below are some of the unique fearture of Wisely card after activating it at

  • Employer and tax refund direct deposits.
  • You can use the card to purchase goods  and services  anywhere VISA or Mastercard debit cards are accepted.
  • Free to Sign up.
  • No credit check.
  • You can use it to withdraw cash at all participating ATM’s in the United State.
  • Using it attracts no fee.

Checking Your Card Balance

Below are guides that can help you manage your card balance. They are free, you can use any of the procedures.

  • Download the mobile app or  visit to check balance.
  • Or login to your account and view balance.
  • Or use any in-network ATM to check your balance.

Needs further Help?

For further help, questions and more clarification contact the customer service on this toll free number; 1-866-313-6901.


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