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Social Worker Jobs USA

Opportunities abound for Social Workers in the USA. You can apply either as a foreigner or permanent resident of the United States. However, having a degree in social work (or related fields) and social work license, makes you most qualified for the job.

In this post, I will take you through the role of the social workers, various available job positions, and how to apply successfully.

Social Worker Jobs USA

Social workers are highly demanded in the United States of America. A social worker plays a very important and sensitive position in the USA. These sensitive roles range from enhancing the well-being of families and individuals. More so, this is done by communicating, interacting, and providing solutions that will enhance their lives.

Furthermore, the services of social workers are enormous. It ranges from interacting with those abused and molested, prison inmates, unemployed, those inflicted with poverty and less privileged communities, etc.

Hence, if you are passionate about social work or a social worker, seeking to advance in your career, consider the USA the right place for you. “Yes, you heard me.” You can be offered a social job, whether or not you are a citizen residing in the US. Most importantly, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or any related field.
This content will open you up to job opportunities for social workers in the USA.

Requirements for Social Worker Jobs USA

Certainly, like every other job in the US, there are some requirements you will have to meet as an applicant for the job of a social worker. These requirements are:
An a. You must possess a bachelor’s degree approved by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) as your least qualification, and other educational qualification equivalent to a US educational certificate.
b. You must have a Social Worker License or a Liminal Social Worker License and a license from the state authority to practice social work independently.
c. Ability to communicate fluently in English.
d. Good writing, reading, and listening skills.
e. The employer may want more qualifications according to the job description. But the ones mentioned above are the basic requirements.

How to Get a Social Worker Job in the US as Foreigner

Getting a social worker in the USA is a rigorous process. This is because only permanent residents are offered a federal job. Notwithstanding, foreigners can still be given jobs. Also, you can work as a social worker in a company that is not a federal agency or in a non-profit organization.

Guidelines on How to Apply for a Social Worker Job in the United States of America as a Foreigner

Foreigners can also apply for a social worker job in the USA. Well, those interested in working as a social worker, should follow these steps below:
An a. First and foremost, use your Android device or any other gadget that has an internet connection to open a web browser.
b. Search for “social work jobs in the USA for foreigners” in the search bar.
c. After a while, your search result will appear, then click on “more jobs”
d. The list of available jobs will appear on your screen, then search and click on the one you will apply for.
e. You would see the list of benefits, description, and qualifications for the job on the right-hand part of the page.
f. After going through the list of qualifications, description, and benefits of the job, you can now apply by clicking on the “Apply” button on the left-hand side of the page.
g. Finally, do not forget to sign in with your Google Mail account and follow the next line of instructions on the website.

Note: If your application is considered, you will receive a call from your employers to be interviewed. Ascertaining, if your claims are true or not.

How to Apply for Social Workers Jobs Near Me.

You can apply for a social worker job near you online by following the steps below:
a. Visit with your device.
b. Search for “Social workers” on the page you have opened. Furthermore, you will be required to input your country, state, city, and zip code under the location column. Then click “search” to search.
c. You can choose any of the sections on the right-hand side of your screen to get a more specified search. This will help you choose which category of job you are applying for, federal government jobs or otherwise. Read through the job listings on the page and click on the one that suits you.
d. Carefully study the job description, requirements, and duties. And click on “Apply Now” on the left-hand side of the page.
e. If you have an existing account, you will have to use the email address and password linked with your account to log in on the login bar.
f. If you don’t have an account, don’t hesitate to click on “create an account”
g. If you have successfully logged in with your account, upload the required documents and fill out the application form correctly.
Remember, you can always use your account to log into your profile and add applications for more jobs. Similarly, check your application status and share job opportunities with loved ones on social media.

Demand for Social Workers in the United States

Social workers are highly demanded in the United States. This is because they play an important role in society. Moreover, social workers interact with different groups of people. Their services are required in non-profit organizations, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Therefore, this makes them highly in demand in the USA.


This is a legal job application and employment portal owned by the United States Government. This site has a different list of jobs. And it is created to easily link USA employers with people seeking a job. Through this website, you can apply for many jobs.

Furthermore, several government agencies and departments enlist their job vacancies on this site. The site allows you to apply for not just a social worker job, but others

FAQ on Social Worker Jobs USA

Where are Social Workers Needed in the United States?

The following states are where social workers are most needed and highly paid;
I. Rhode Island.
ii. Hawaii.
iii. Nevada.
iv. New Jersey.
v. Maryland.
vi Connecticut.
vii. New York.
viii. California.

What Job Do USA Federal Government Jobs Offer to Social Workers?

Those who want to advance in their career can apply for social work offered by the government. E.g. Veteran services, although this job opportunity is mainly for US citizens, non-citizens can still be employed if there are no qualified citizens for the job.

How much do they pay Social Workers Earn in the USA?

Social workers in the United States receive nice paychecks. Their earnings vary from $50k to $70k annually based on location. Whereas, those in the medical fields (substance abuse social worker, mental health and healthcare social worker) are said to be the highest paid social workers.



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