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Registeryourninja com/How To Register A Ninja Shark Product Online

People who have bought Ninja Shark items must register for them online at When you register your goods online for warranty and guarantee purposes, you may claim a warranty or guarantee on time and receive various benefits. These include a replacement, exchange, repair, and so on.–Register A Ninja Shark Product Online.

By following the simple procedures below, you can register for your Ninja Shark products via at ease.

registeryourninja com

  1. Visit the official website of Ninja Shark.
  2. Click on to be redirected.
  3. Then click on to register your product (s).
  4. Now, fill up all the details provided by the link.
  5. Enter your first name
  6. Enter your last name.
  7. Fill up your correct email address.
  8. Now, enter the postal code of your area.
  9. State the product type in the field provided.
  10. Enter the model number of your product.
  11. Mention the serial number of your product.
  12. Then enter the purchase date of your product.
  13. Choose the country where you purchased your product.
  14. Now, enter your phone number.
  15. Finally, click the orange Ok button to register your Shark Ninja product.

Benefits of registering your Ninja Products Via

Customers who registered their product (s) on the Ninja website will enjoy the following benefits;

  • You will receive faster and easier help, as well as easy access to warranty information.
  • You’ll be the first to hear about special promotions.
  • Parts can be replaced, and you may purchase accessories fast.
  • This is where you’ll find troubleshooting and product care information.
  • You’ll be among the first to learn about new items.

Ninja Warranty Terms and Conditions:

The guarantee gives you the opportunity to replace or refurbish any Ninja product. Any product that is replaced will receive a 6-month warranty beginning with the date the product that was replaced under the current warranty was received.

  • A product warranty ranging from 1 to 7 years. You can select one of them for your goods.
  • In addition, Shark Ninja provides a Lifetime VIP Warranty.
  • 90-day limited warranty on refurbished products.
  • 180-day limited warranty on refurbished products
  • The Shark Ninja additionally provides the option to replace as well as refurbish your product.
  • In addition, Shark Ninja provides a Lifetime VIP Warranty.
  • 90-day limited warranty on refurbished products

Ninja Customer Service Contact Phone Number & Timings:

If you face challenge with any of your  Ninja product, contact the customer service through these methods: Call: 1-866-826-6941

Customer service is available for info about product support, warranty service, and many more.

To submit your warranty claim at you will need to call customer service. But have your proof of purchase receipt. Get proper steps by customer service on how to return your product.



Shark Ninja was founded by Mark Rosenzweig. Shark Ninja began in Canada, in Montreal and Needham, Massachusetts.

However, Ninja is one of the top house-care companies created by SharkNinja Operating LLC. They lead in tiny home equipment and cleaning solutions. These products help consumers to live a healthy lifestyle while juggling a hectic schedule. Because we sweat the minutiae, SharkNinja is an innovative business in the housewares market. According to the firm, they are concerned about customer happiness.



So, you now have comprehensive information on making a guarantee claim on If you are still having trouble registering your guarantee, please leave your questions in the comments area below.


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