Download Music, Movies, Videos, Korean Series, and TV Series on is a fantastic and great free website where users may download their favorite music, movies, videos, and TV shows on their devices. Netnaija (thenetnaija) or is the website where you may get all of these electronic materials to download ( Also ,Because not everyone is aware of this website, we are publishing this post to tell Music, Movie, Video, and TV Series fans about it and how they may download their latest and trending media files for free. ( is one of the greatest sites that can provide people with what they are looking for. As I previously stated, you can discover loads of the most recent and fascinating movies, news, and even music on the site.

To top it all off, the entire site is about entertainment, technology, education, web/wap masters, and finance, which I shall discuss today. Now, let me tell you about the song and how you may get it.

How to Download Movies on

You may download any movie from www netnaija com movies.

1.Visit the Netnaija website at
2.Then, above the page, click on the video link.
3.Click on the Movie category after choosing it.
4.You will now view Movies. Choose anybody you want.
5.When you click it, another page will appear.
6.Scroll down and click on the download option to the right of the other link.
7.Following that, you may now click on the “download now” button, which displays the movie’s size.
The movie will start downloading instantly.

Netnaija Trending Movies

Trending movies may now be found on This section contains a list of all the movies that are currently popular. It would have been wonderful to mention the movies, however they vary frequently since one may outrank the other. A list of all the presently trending movies on Netnaija may be found at

Update Netnaija URL 

Initially, we all recognized Netnaija’s URL as, but they had to modify it owing to various complications. If you wish to see the site now, type into your browser.

While it may be difficult to understand, Netnaija has allowed visitors to access the main page using the previous Address ( Hence, if you type into your web browser’s search box, you will be sent to This is extremely beneficial to the large number of people that frequent the site on a daily basis.

Categories on 

Here are some of the categories available on Netnaija:



3.TV Series.

4.Netnaija Nollywood movies



7.Netnaija Nigerian movies

These are only few of the categories available on Netnaija; there are many more, as you will see as you read.

Netnaija Forum

This service or category on this fantastic website is fantastic; the forum feature is all about themes that thrill or astound people, with hot issues. Not just themes, but also popular topics, and users are permitted to discuss and share their views with other platform users.

This is also known as an interaction feature since it involves communication and the exchanging of ideas. There are also updates on the most recent and amusing news that need user feedback. This function may also cause people to dispute, which is fantastic.

Netnaija Music

There is a lot of music on Netnaija that you can locate and download; below are some of the categories you may find on Netnaija;

1.African music.

2.Gospel music.

3.Upcoming artist’s music.

4.Blues music.

5.Foreign music.

6.Highlife / old school music.

7.Instrumentals music.

8.Religious sermons.

9.Audio comedy.

These are only a few examples of the music available on the Netnaija platform; there is much more. Videos

Netnaija offers a lot of great new videos that you will like. These are some videos available on the Netnaija platform:

1.Comedy videos.

2.Music videos.

3.Foreign music videos.

4.Gospel videos.


6.Korean Series

7.Nollywood movies.

8.Tech videos.

9.Sports videos.

10.Video news.

These are only a few of the videos available on the Netnaija platform.

Movies Categories on Netnaija

The nicest part about Netnaija is that you may download movies from any genre. Nothing is overlooked. When it comes to movies, the site does not allow you to download, therefore I’ve listed several that you can get your hands on below. They are as follows:

1.Horror Movies.

2.Thrillers Movies.

3.Sci-fi Movies.

4.Action Movies.

5.Scary Movies.

6.Adventure Movies.

and many others. Netnaija has just about anybody you can think of.

 Korean Series on Netnaija

Everyone would want to utilize Netnaija to download their favorite Korean series because of the convenience it provides when it comes to downloading movies. And, thankfully, this is now achievable.

If you search Netnaija, you will be met with popular news, songs, and movies, and they have lately begun adding trending Korean Series to their list. As a result, you may now download your favorite Korean dramas.

Post on Finance  in Netnaija

Netnaija Finance is all about business news and loan articles. If you want to learn everything there is to know about loans and business, click on the “forum” link above the page, then pick finance, and then click on the sort of article you want to read. Here is how you can get business news on Netnaija.

There are many more features or connections to discover or explore on the Netnaija platform if you click on the “forum” link.

Frequently asked questions

What is Netnaija all About? 

Netnaijer is an online storehouse or platform for the most recent movies, music, entertainment gossip, trade news, and other news. It provides nothing less than the best and guarantees that its viewers are completely satisfied.

How can I Start Entertainment Website Like Netnaija?

In order to develop a website similar to Netnaijer, you will need to:

1.Choosing a domain name. Yet, you should make an effort to come up with a distinctive name for your entertainment website in order to help your company stand out.
2.Afterwards, include required functionality into your website. You may accomplish this by developing a great entertainment website without using any code.
3.Launch your website. Launch your entertainment website after testing it.

Ways of Fixing Netnaijer Not Working

Here are several solutions to Netnaija not working:

1.Initially, the server should be verified, and any problems should be resolved.
2.The cache and cookies should then be removed from the browser.
3.Allow the usage of VPN.
4.Finally, examine your internet connection to see if it can be improved.
5.Finally, reboot your smartphone or PC.

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