To Pay Your Bill Online

Are you are searching for a way to pay your bills online? My Provider Link through its platform may not be a bad option.

The portal helps users make payments, monitor their bill statement and more.

More so, the online payment platform is active 24 hours every day of the week.

However, making payment through the may though be easy but you might still need a guide. In view of this, we have detailed on how to make payments using the

How To Pay Bills Using

Making payment on My Provider Link does not require an extraordinary tech knowledge. Anyone can make payment using the platform. In fact, My Provider Link is used by thousands of customers on the internet. All you need is a device that can connect to the internet. It can be Smartphone, Tablet, or PC.

That notwithstanding, Customers can pay in two varieties;

  1. Using the Guest Pay Feature.
  2. Using the My Provider Sign Up feature (i.e as a registered user)

We have further detailed these two methods below for your easy understanding.

Using The Guest Pay Feature

This method allows users make payment without signing up. This is to say that you will not need an account with My Provider Link to submit your payment. Rather, you can make your payment using the Guest Pay Feature from the homepage.

However, when paying from this method, it is required you follow these guidelines;

  1. Click on the Guest Pay button on the top part of the homepage.
  2. Wait for a dialogue box to appear
  • Fill in your account number and form ID found on your paper billing statement in the payment coupon section
  1. Then click Continue.

Using Sign Up Feature

Nevertheless, those customers who desire to have account with this one-time payment platform can do that at ease. It takes only filling a simple registration form.

To open the registration form and carryout successful enrollment, users can simply follow the following easy guidelines;

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign Up button on the top of the homepage
  • Fill-in your details as required on the dialogue box that will appear.
  1. Click Sign Up

Note: Name, mobile Phone number, account number, document ID, email address, password and opt for paperless e-bills?, are columns you need to fill on the form.

Upon Successful enrollment customers are able to use their own MyProviderLink online account to monitor and pay bills through the internet by just clicking on the sign in button.

It is truly an easy method customers can oversee their bill paying . And also, find all their billing statement electronically stored in one location.

Making Payment Online.

Now, we have successfully looked at the two approaches of making payment using the It is good we look at making your payment using credit cards, debit card, electronic check or Paperless billing.

By and large, it is dependent on your biller for you to use any of the option.

The platform has options for you to pay using credit card such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, America Express, Debit card, or electronic bank.

The credit card or electronic debiting payments are faster ways to process  your payment.  Payments are sent to your account the same day you made them except weekends, it may take few days processing payment from your bank account.

Customers who have account can conveniently monitor their billing statements online. They are usually notified through email when their bills are ready to be seen. They can just log in to their account.

This is a better option for both billers and their customers as it helps to reduce cost.

In as much as electronic billing system is better than paper billing statements, users can still turnoff notifications of electronic bill and the paper bills will restart. You can simply change the preference within your account at

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