Bank of America Make A Transfer: Apply to Transfer a Higher-Rate Balances (Guide and Review)

Bank of America balance online transfers have now been made so easy and allow clients to get higher interest credit card balances and save.  To begin you can follow the on-screen instructions provided on this website . bankofamerica.commakeatransfer

Bank of America transfer fee is little and for more information visit BOA branch.


What are the transfer limit of Bank of America

Every customer’s transfer limit is limited but it varies depending on the customer. Every customer is offered a balance transfer. To apply  login to your Bank of America.


How to transfer money from Bank of America to Chase

kindly dial 800.732.9194 to learn more about transferring balances to another bank other than Bank of America.


bankofamerica.commakeatransfer: Customer Service

Call Bank of America via Phone

  1. Credit card activation 800.276.9939.
  2.  Credit card customer service (including lost or stolen card) 800.732.9194 24/7
  3. Credit card billing inquiries 866.266.0212 (please have your credit card number on hand when calling this number).
  4. International cell phone roaming charges may apply open 24/7: 1.757.677.4701


BOA Mailing Address

  1. Express overnight service Payment Services 900 Samoset Drive DE5-023-03-02 Newark, DE 19713-6000
  2. Credit card payments Bank of America PO Box 15019 Wilmington, DE 19886-5019
  3. General: Bank of America PO Box 25118 Tampa, FL 33622–5118

General Customer Service Hours

Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.


Bank of America Routing Number Location?

You should not need your BOA routing number to apply for a balance transfer but in case you do please see the below instructions on how to locate it. To apply for a balance transfer you will need a BOA routing number. Sometimes,there are two set5s of numbers for a particular state.

The requestor must provide the number needed for your particular transaction. Because, routing numbers are provided by the state you opened the account and transaction type.


bankofamerica.commakeatransfer: Reviews

Bank of America came to me with this offer and I couldn’t be happier! The Bank of America balance transfer application was painless and I saved a ton of cash!” – Dyno M. Dallas, TX

My wife racked up a ton of high-interest credit card debt on her Credit One Bank Card… SAD… but Bank of America helped us make low monthly payments on that debt… but my wife continues to spend even though we have no money” – Gary W. St. Louis, MO



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