AUC Scholarship Fund 2022-2023 to Study in the Netherlands

AUC scholarship fund 2022-2023

Are you searching for how to apply for AUC Scholarship Fund 2022-2023 (ASF)? Or do you want to apply for Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund for undergraduates in the Netherlands? The answers to your questions are right here. Furthermore, you will also get a detailed guide on how to donate, or how to become a sponsor.

AUC Scholarship Fund Mission

AUC Scholarship Funds (ASF) promote excellence and diversity in the Amsterdam University College. It speeds up access to the AUC scholarship program for talented and underrepresented students.

More so, the recipients and Talent Fellows of the AUC Scholarship Fund 2022-2023 enhance AUC’s community through the diverse student body with a variety of knowledge, thoughts, and experience.

However, it is necessary that in a multicultural society like Amsterdam, exceptional underrepresented students are not only asked to join the Amsterdam University College selective honors program. But are also offered the opportunity to participate.  The ASF scholarships and fellowships help gifted students aim toward academic success and discover their potentials.

AUC Scholarship 2022-2023 Requirements

For your AUC Scholarship Fund application to be considered you have to meet the following requirements;

  • Firstly, you must have applied for a place at the Amsterdam University College (AUC). ASF scholarship is only for AUC students.
  • In addition, the family income of applicants must be below EUR 46,000. This is for students who are not Dutch and are not eligible for Dutch student finance. So it is awarded on merit and financial need.
  • You must have an excellent school result. The ASF Selection Committee will probably be unaware of your AUC admission application. This is because they will only be given information on your average secondary school grade (GPA). Any further information regarding your education and academic skills can be included in your motivation letter. Your motivation letter can also explain why your school scores are now low and why you feel you can do better at AUC.
  • Also, you have to show a strong desire to study liberal arts and sciences at AUC in your motivation letter.
  • Similarly, possession of extracurricular feats such as strong leadership skills is considered a plus by the ASF Selection Committee.

Worth of AUC Scholarship fund 2022-2023.

There are two categories of full ASF Scholarship. These are;

  • EU/EEA students; EUR 5550 per annum
  • Non-EU/EEA students; EUR 16550 per annum.

EU/EEA students include Dutch students (those qualified to pay the statutory tuition fee for the university).

Notwithstanding, partial scholarships are also offered, up to 50% of the sums above.

How to Apply for AUC Scholarship Fund 2022-2023 to Study in the Netherlands

Consequently, students who want to get the Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund can click here to apply. Or visit the link below to apply;

Application Deadline for Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund

AUC Scholarship application deadline was April 1, 2022.

Amsterdam University College Application Deadlines

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