2000 Workers Needed in Canada – Apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Program now.

Apply for Canada Provincial Program

Canada over the years has become a haven for those seeking greener pasture on foreign soil. Currently, there are over 2000 workers needed in Canada. It’s a lifetime opportunity for those who wish to live or work in the country, as they can apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Program.

Foreigners have the opportunity to move to Canada and work, because they are limited qualified citizens for the jobs.

More so, in Canada, there seem to be jobs for everyone. Based on the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), you can get a job irrespective of your level of skill. Provinces are saddled with the responsibility of organizing the PNP in Canada. Furthermore, each province or area in Canada has designed its provincial nominee program to suit its demographic and economic features. Whereas, there is a scarcity of over 2000 workers in Canada.  Hence, an opportunity for foreigners who want to work in Canada. Canada is among one of the top ten countries that accept job applications from foreigners.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The Canada provincial nominee program has been a system used to maximize the number of workforce in Canada. Yet, the demand for labor in Canada has not been met. This made the Canadian government increase the number of invitations every year.

This provincial nominee program is used by the Canadian government to nominate foreign workers. These prospective workers must have applied, selecting the province to work and live in. More so, after the nomination, the nominee is assisted by the program to go for a visa to work in the country.

How To Apply For Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Be aware, that the Provincial Nominee Program process varies according to the difference in provinces in Canada. Moreover, these are the general guidelines on how to apply;
i. You must make a decision on which province you want to stay in Canada.
ii. Apply for nomination in that particular province you have chosen. This can be done through the province’s provincial nominee program stream.
iii. After your nomination, there are two options you can follow in furthering and completing the whole process. These options are; submitting the required documents physically to IRCC and completing your application online. However, the online option is known to be faster.
iv. If you have chosen to complete your application online, then do the following;
a. Open a web browser with your device.
b. Input this URL www.canada.ca to visit the immigration, citizenship, and refugee portal.
c. Don’t forget to choose the language you understand.
d. Go to the search bar at the top of the page and enter the phrase “express entry program”
e. Click on the first search result that would appear on that page.
f. Click on “create an account or sign” on the right-hand side of your screen.
g. Create your account with your name and the requirement through the instructions provided on the page.
h. Indicate your nomination by the province you’ve chosen, after you have succeeded in your account, which is your express entry profile.
i. After all these steps have been completed, you will be required to wait for immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada (IRCC), because you would receive an invitation letter for a permanent residence application. Thereafter, you will need to submit the other required documents, including your medical status, to the immigration service.

Kinds Of Canada Provincial Nominee Program For Workers Needed in Canada.

Having a good understanding of how the provincial nominee program functions are as important as applying for it. Moreover, they are variations in the kinds of Canadian provincial nominee programs, which are:
– skilled workers provincial nominee program (PNP)
This program can be applied in the province you would want to work in. Therefore, the nominee program is for a foreigner who is related to someone living in Canada, a foreigner who has work experience, or foreign workers who have already been employed by a Canadian citizen can go through the provincial nominee program.
– Business immigration provincial nominee program
The business immigration program is a category of the Canadian provincial nominee program that nominates only foreigners who want to open a business or run a merger with a local company.

FAQs On The Provincial Nominee Program In Canada.

Are you confused about some information you might want to know concerning PNP Canada? Well, we bring a collection of frequently asked questions, by people who previously had an interest in the Canadian provincial nominee program.

How eligible am I for the Canadian provincial nominee program?

PNP Canada eligibility requirements vary from one province to another. Notwithstanding, a nominee should possess the following:
a. Impressive academic qualifications.
b. Working experience.
c. Good communicative skills.
A nominee with the above qualification has increased his/her possibility of getting nominated.

Can I apply for the PNP and Express Entry at the Same Time?

Direct application can be submitted through the PNP stream of a preferred province to get nominated. Similarly, you can still apply for a nomination through express entry.

What does it cost to immigrate through the Canada Provincial Nominee Program?

They are no fixed amount for immigrating through the PNP rather it depends on the province. Moreover, there is an average of 3,500 Canadian dollars. Your government levy, police clearance certificates, medical exam fee, language test, etc. are all contained in this $3,500.

Do I need to be offered a job before I can apply for the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program?

You probably do not need a job offer before you apply for Canadian Provincial Nominee Program. Whereas, what matters most is whether you are eligible or not, in the particular province you want to be nominated in, since the nomination for eligibility differs.

What is the Minimum Score Required for PNP Eligibility?

The required score for PNP nomination is 300 CRS points.
CRS is an abbreviation for the Comprehensive Ranking System. This is an exam set aside for nominee aspirants. Certainly, every nominee must go through the CRS examination.

Which Provinces in Canada Offer the Provincial Nominee Program?

The territories that offer the PNP in Canada include Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. Currently, the province of Quebec does not offer PNP.
The following provinces offer nomination programs to foreigners:
1. Ontario.
2. New Brunswick.
3. Newfoundland.
4 Yukon.
5. Labrador.
6 Prince Edward Island.
7. Saskatchewan.
8. Manitoba.
9. Nova Scotia.
10. British Columbia.
12. Northwest Territories.
13. Alberta.
All these provinces offer provincial nominee programs except Quebec.

What are the Requirements for the Provincial Nominee Program?

The generally accepted requirements include:
i. High school diploma.
ii. A pass on your medical test.
iii. A pass in your police checks.
iv. Language proficiency.
Nominees are advised to check the requirements of the province they applied for.

Which of the Provinces in Canada is the easiest to get the Provincial Nominee Program?

Alberta province is known to be the easiest province to get nominated for a permanent residency. It is because they nominate applicants whose CRS is as low as 300. Meanwhile, other provinces that you could easily get nominated for are the Edward Island PNP, the Ontario PNP, and Saskatchewan PNP.

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